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Silverfish Control Gold Coast


Silverfish are attracted to items containing starch, protein or sugar. They are not known disease carriers rather it is the damage they can do to clothing books and paper that are the issue.

Silverfish like the starchy glues used in binding books.

Damaged Old Books

Clothes Materials Silverfish are Attracted to:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Rayon

Damaged Old Books

Tony's Solution

Articles of clothing stored in closets or other dark storage areas with moderately warm temperatures and high humidity like our Gold Coast are most susceptible to silverfish damage.

A combination of spray and insecticidal dust can be used. These treatments are safe for you and your family

Tony Casey

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Environmentally Friendly Termite Solutions

Exterra Elimination Of Termites
  • Protected more than 120,000 homes and businesses in Australia
  • EXTERRA Stations are placed around your property to intercept termites
  • Most palatable termite bait on the market
  • Preferred eucalypt timbers ensure termites enter Stations.
  • Eliminates the Termite Colony.
  • Guard your home by monitoring for future invasions
  • Closed and locked Stations with a termite bait less toxic than table salt!
  • Safe for you, your pets and the environment.
Termite Eradication

The old fashioned methods of spraying hundreds of litres of toxic chemicals around your home are potentially dangerous to you and your family.

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